The Board of Directors recognises the importance of developing its business in an optimistic and responsible manner that can strike a balance between good economic performance in creating values for its stakeholders and at the same time, be accountable to the environment and social welfare of the employees and communities at large.

This Sustainability Statement reflects Bintai Group’s management of its economic, environment and society risks and opportunities pursuant to the sustainability reporting framework of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

Sustainability management of Bintai Group ultimately falls under the purview of the Board who ensures that Bintai Group’s strategies are implemented in line with the corporate responsibility theme that the Board believe is the main key to the sustainability of Bintai Group. The Group’s corporate responsibility practice comprises elements such as Economic, Environment, Workplace and Social:

(a) Economic

Bintai Group strives to maintain a sustainable business to continue its contribution to Malaysia’s economic development by creating employment opportunities for the nation and at the same time contributed taxes in favour of the government. Moving forward, we aim at delivering the best quality in our services in mechanical and electrical engineering sector as well as in property development division at the most competitive pricing.

(b) Environment

With our core business activities related to construction and property development, Bintai Group is committed to implement environmental friendly work processes such as managing waste management and waste recycling processes towards protecting the mother earth from further contamination.

(c) Workplace

We believe that employees are important assets of the Company as they are the drivers towards Bintai Group’s long term and sustainable organizational success. Hence, we respect the different cultures, gender and religions of its stakeholders and Bintai Group is committed to provide its staff an environment of equal opportunities to strive while promoting diversity in workforce.

(d) Social

There are co-relationship between business growth, social well-being and public welfare. Therefore, Bintai Group will endeavour to participate in community driven programmes to improve the living quality of the community and will continue to focus its corporate responsibility in enhancing community sustainability.