The Remuneration Committee established by the Board of Directors comprises two (2) Independent Non- Executive Directors and one (1) Executive Director. The current composition of the Remuneration Committee of the Company is as follows:

(1) Tan Sri Dato’ Kamaruzzaman Bin Shariff – Chairman

(2) Ong Choon Lui – Member

(3) Johari Bin Mohd Akhir – Member


(i) To recommend to the Board, the general remuneration policy for directors, senior and key officers of the board (key officers comprises senior and key management personnel include chief officers or those personnel with similar levels of authority).

(ii) Prepare and present the Annual Remuneration Report.

(iii) Reviewing the performance of, and recommending to, the board for approving the annual total remuneration packages (guaranteed pay, short and long term incentives and any compensation payable for loss or termination of office or appointment) of individual executive directors and senior management.

(iv) Determining and setting performance measures for incentive plans.

(v) Reviewing and recommending the remuneration of non-executive directors to the Board.

(vi) Meetings should be held at least once annually or as and when as the need arises, especially when there are major changes to the composition of executive directors and/or changes to the corporate structure within the group.

(vii) The Company Secretary shall be the Secretary of the Remuneration Committee